Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What we need a little bit of endurance in life:

There is an old Latin maxim: “Maxima omnium virtutum est patientia.” Or “patience is the greatest virtue”. Patience produces immense values in life.  From our starting, just at the time we came from the womb to start our voyage  in this wonderland, our endurance is tested by our Almighty.  Let me share a small story. From my childhood, my Grandparents are my friend, philosopher and guide. Grand-ma told lot of stories.  She often told me that, God always there to help you. Don’t get hurry, hold your patience, he will be there to protect you from all impurities in this world and always remember that you would be gifted by our beloved God every time, you are in trouble. If you have enough patience you could recognize it otherwise it would be returned back to the Almighty.  

In practical life, patience generates a lot of impression not only in our outer world but in our inner world also.  For instance, if Surgeon does not show enough patience then the purpose of the patience will not be fulfilled and it could be more worse than our imagination. And this system is an eternal truth  in every aspect of life.

Much patience you have, much success you can have in life. In Chinese term-“patience”, phonetically pronounced as “REN” which indicates patience, tolerance and control.  Endurance or patience is one which brings huge returns in life.  Patience can teach you the tolerance. Better you tolerate, better you handle life at any position.

There is no short-cut how to easy way to practice it. Practice truly, definitely you will get result.   

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