Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life is nothing but a mere copy and paste

I confronted this question (about life) million and millions of times. It was started just in the beginning of my teenage years. I asked my mentors if they could tell me the right answer. One of them told me “life is the way you are seeing life. It depends on, it depends on the environment life is attached with; on the society life is brought up and on the each circumstances life is faced”.  

Although I did not understand as a whole, but I don’t know how, I followed “it” throughout my life.

Anything we want to be in life, we just follow the pathfinder of that occupation. We try to go after those who are master of that subject. This is the rule, and universally followed. All over the world people try to pursue the same way, their leader or leaders have followed their pioneer.

We basically copy life. We copy the way of life of our pathfinder, try to keep the same style of life as our pathfinder followed his/her pathfinder and got success.

The better we copy our leader and paste in our lifestyle, the quicker we got the success. The reality is how efficiently we copy “life” of others.

Nothing has been created in this universe. It has already been….. and will be in this universe, we just assemble here. It could be in terms of construction or in a way of destruction, we merely accumulate them.    


  1. Hello,

    Great writing, Few things I do not agree with you but never mind, keep it up

  2. Hello Tom, Thanks a lot for your kind support.