Friday, February 4, 2011

How to motivate yourself and enhance life?

This is very common question arising in every aspect of life - How to motivate yourself and enhance life?. And what makes you in paradox that, despite of our earnest attempt, we are motivated by others most of the time than by ourselves. Self motivation is the best way to uplift. Again, relevantly the question arises how to motivate. What kinds of therapy you need to be followed, what kind of life, you are required to be maintained, and  last but not least, how much time it would be taken.

We all know that if problem arises, there must have some solutions to face these problems and in similar way answers of these questions are definitely there. What we need, we need to search them, until and unless we get the answer we could not motivate us.

Let’s go one by one.

First and the most important thing is that how many of us feel or urge or think about the best way to help for your own sake. If you really really think of it and keep trying to find out the way outs then you will successfully complete the first hurdle.  This is the gateway through which you can drag yourself towards the right path. This is not an easy task but not impossible at all.
How many of us know ourselves. Knowing yourself is called enlightened. We need to know ourselves first. Find out the limitations you have, jot them down, if they are big enough to handle break them into small pieces, magnify and scrutinize each of the problems peacefully, and coolly, try to solve them out, never mind if you fail first, keep the records and go for the next.

Checking problems are often monotonous and the side effect could be severe. We need to guard ourselves so that problems could be handled effortlessly. Meditation is one of the best ways to increase your energy, awareness so that all things could be available in our conscious mind. Through Transcendent Meditation our mind could able to open out its potentiality for unlimited awareness.     

If you are talking about time period then it depends. Each individual has dissimilar quality to understand, to grasp on which he is going through. Hold your patience, keep your mind set to accept what you are, it will take time but ultimately you will get result.

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