Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life is nothing but a mere copy and paste

I confronted this question (about life) million and millions of times. It was started just in the beginning of my teenage years. I asked my mentors if they could tell me the right answer. One of them told me “life is the way you are seeing life. It depends on, it depends on the environment life is attached with; on the society life is brought up and on the each circumstances life is faced”.  

Although I did not understand as a whole, but I don’t know how, I followed “it” throughout my life.

Anything we want to be in life, we just follow the pathfinder of that occupation. We try to go after those who are master of that subject. This is the rule, and universally followed. All over the world people try to pursue the same way, their leader or leaders have followed their pioneer.

We basically copy life. We copy the way of life of our pathfinder, try to keep the same style of life as our pathfinder followed his/her pathfinder and got success.

The better we copy our leader and paste in our lifestyle, the quicker we got the success. The reality is how efficiently we copy “life” of others.

Nothing has been created in this universe. It has already been….. and will be in this universe, we just assemble here. It could be in terms of construction or in a way of destruction, we merely accumulate them.    

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sex and the reality of life:

We all know how difficult it would be to talk about sex openly with your family. It is one of the greatest tasks in this world for those who never started it before. Taboo has been tagged over this issue in most of our stratum in our society. Despite of our vigorous effort to implement so called planning over this “sex education”, we failed dramatically. We don’t even bother why such things happen every time with the Govt. or any organizations who tried to implement sex education in our society.

We have been illustrated as well confused a lot about knowing that we are the descendants of our enriched cultured people. Most of us very much acquainted with the sculptures encrypted in all around the Ajanta Elora or Khajuraho temples. What is our reaction; We are astonished, proud and then get defused and demoralized. Is this a thing we are bearing throughout our life? “Yes”, a big yes your answer would be. Believe it or not, most of us, all over our country, have been grown up strictly followed by some school of thoughts - “Don’t talk about sex in public” or “don't make any friendship with those who are talking this kind of nonsense”. In our young age or in our puberty we faced some rough treatment or some uncanny lessons  or some punishment and gradually we are used to with these. And generation after generation we are there to condemn the truth just like our pathfinders did.  

 Is this the way of treatment we were expecting from our society?

If the meaning of life is not clear to us then it would be very very tough to handle life as we want.

I am not here to criticize or advice and obviously that is not my cup of tea. Even “Sex” is not my topic. But sex is true. Because we have life in ourselves, we never ever ignore the truth, the reality of it. Sex is as pure as love. And they are integral, they are natural as you do urinate whenever you need.  So my intentions are to put some painstaking effort to make life better. To know your culture, know yourself first. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What we need a little bit of endurance in life:

There is an old Latin maxim: “Maxima omnium virtutum est patientia.” Or “patience is the greatest virtue”. Patience produces immense values in life.  From our starting, just at the time we came from the womb to start our voyage  in this wonderland, our endurance is tested by our Almighty.  Let me share a small story. From my childhood, my Grandparents are my friend, philosopher and guide. Grand-ma told lot of stories.  She often told me that, God always there to help you. Don’t get hurry, hold your patience, he will be there to protect you from all impurities in this world and always remember that you would be gifted by our beloved God every time, you are in trouble. If you have enough patience you could recognize it otherwise it would be returned back to the Almighty.  

In practical life, patience generates a lot of impression not only in our outer world but in our inner world also.  For instance, if Surgeon does not show enough patience then the purpose of the patience will not be fulfilled and it could be more worse than our imagination. And this system is an eternal truth  in every aspect of life.

Much patience you have, much success you can have in life. In Chinese term-“patience”, phonetically pronounced as “REN” which indicates patience, tolerance and control.  Endurance or patience is one which brings huge returns in life.  Patience can teach you the tolerance. Better you tolerate, better you handle life at any position.

There is no short-cut how to easy way to practice it. Practice truly, definitely you will get result.   

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life -bigger than life

Rahul looks life as a mere vehicle through which he can reach his destination.  And he molds himself in that way. He doesn’t even feel the urge to go for extra mile for his own sake.  Rahul looks life as All taken for granted. Every day he uses to go to his office, do office work and comes back to home. It is his daily routine. He never ever opts for better opportunity. Rahul believes his boss more than what he believes himself. He accepts as true that his present job, where he is for more than 10 years is his ultimate goal, only serves his breed and butter and no one else in this world.
Many Rahuls are there in this world. They don’t even know how much potentiality they have. They don’t even see themselves. These are the lacks. We need to know ourselves first. What we think about life, actually, the fact is that, the life is bigger than that. Your life is your world.
Most of the people think negative way of life and if this thinking persist for a long then these kind of negative behavior could be acute in syndrome. It not only affects our mind or psychologically but physically also.
If you think positive, life could be different to you. You could find immense resources from life, could find enormous energy, invaluable love and never end peace. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

How to motivate yourself and enhance life?

This is very common question arising in every aspect of life - How to motivate yourself and enhance life?. And what makes you in paradox that, despite of our earnest attempt, we are motivated by others most of the time than by ourselves. Self motivation is the best way to uplift. Again, relevantly the question arises how to motivate. What kinds of therapy you need to be followed, what kind of life, you are required to be maintained, and  last but not least, how much time it would be taken.

We all know that if problem arises, there must have some solutions to face these problems and in similar way answers of these questions are definitely there. What we need, we need to search them, until and unless we get the answer we could not motivate us.

Let’s go one by one.

First and the most important thing is that how many of us feel or urge or think about the best way to help for your own sake. If you really really think of it and keep trying to find out the way outs then you will successfully complete the first hurdle.  This is the gateway through which you can drag yourself towards the right path. This is not an easy task but not impossible at all.
How many of us know ourselves. Knowing yourself is called enlightened. We need to know ourselves first. Find out the limitations you have, jot them down, if they are big enough to handle break them into small pieces, magnify and scrutinize each of the problems peacefully, and coolly, try to solve them out, never mind if you fail first, keep the records and go for the next.

Checking problems are often monotonous and the side effect could be severe. We need to guard ourselves so that problems could be handled effortlessly. Meditation is one of the best ways to increase your energy, awareness so that all things could be available in our conscious mind. Through Transcendent Meditation our mind could able to open out its potentiality for unlimited awareness.     

If you are talking about time period then it depends. Each individual has dissimilar quality to understand, to grasp on which he is going through. Hold your patience, keep your mind set to accept what you are, it will take time but ultimately you will get result.