Monday, February 14, 2011

Sex and the reality of life:

We all know how difficult it would be to talk about sex openly with your family. It is one of the greatest tasks in this world for those who never started it before. Taboo has been tagged over this issue in most of our stratum in our society. Despite of our vigorous effort to implement so called planning over this “sex education”, we failed dramatically. We don’t even bother why such things happen every time with the Govt. or any organizations who tried to implement sex education in our society.

We have been illustrated as well confused a lot about knowing that we are the descendants of our enriched cultured people. Most of us very much acquainted with the sculptures encrypted in all around the Ajanta Elora or Khajuraho temples. What is our reaction; We are astonished, proud and then get defused and demoralized. Is this a thing we are bearing throughout our life? “Yes”, a big yes your answer would be. Believe it or not, most of us, all over our country, have been grown up strictly followed by some school of thoughts - “Don’t talk about sex in public” or “don't make any friendship with those who are talking this kind of nonsense”. In our young age or in our puberty we faced some rough treatment or some uncanny lessons  or some punishment and gradually we are used to with these. And generation after generation we are there to condemn the truth just like our pathfinders did.  

 Is this the way of treatment we were expecting from our society?

If the meaning of life is not clear to us then it would be very very tough to handle life as we want.

I am not here to criticize or advice and obviously that is not my cup of tea. Even “Sex” is not my topic. But sex is true. Because we have life in ourselves, we never ever ignore the truth, the reality of it. Sex is as pure as love. And they are integral, they are natural as you do urinate whenever you need.  So my intentions are to put some painstaking effort to make life better. To know your culture, know yourself first. 

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