Friday, July 6, 2012

Nothing Beyond Relationship

From the very beginning of our LIFE, we survive and continue to live life only because of relationship. Relationship is the great way to make our life more experienced, more enlightened, more valuable than anything else. It would be better to say that nobody can live life without maintaining relationship.

Actually life cannot be meaningful without relationship. Even it is seen that, most of the time relationship enhances the value of life, it shapes and usually it moulds life with the situation. In our daily life we use to meet people every day-n-night and knowingly or unknowingly we make an association with them.
A good relationship lives a higher impression. We love to memories them and it also helps to improve our mental and physical setup. This is called loving relationship. In this relationship the loved one is liberated from any bindings.
Sometimes we are engaged with some wrong relationship. It may be come from the foes who are in disguise. And we are unable to recognize their true identity. Even bad relations may explode from bad habits like drinking or smoking or some kind of addictions which would be severe for its excessive usage. Despite of our knowledge that these things are harmful we cannot easily detach with these bad elements.
The core meaning of life is based upon relationship and no one can run away from having associated with this. Those who are living alone, far from the society, he or she definitely has fully fledged with something or with somebody. It may be the nature or with some life exists there or with some spiritual life. This is some kind of relationship.
Relationship acts reciprocally. It is like a barter system, but in a very big sense. No one can expect admiration from others without paying respect; no one can expect gratitude without paying gratitude.
The Relationship builds upon the sense and the sensibility. It makes us mature, it tends to grasp life in better way, it teaches us how to tolerate the intolerable, how to control the unmanageable thing like emotions, greed, anger etc., how to love people selflessly, how to show respect, gratitude and how to be honest without expecting anything in return. These are such worthwhile thing which can't be purchased or sold. These are the essence of relationship.
So try to sustain it, try to nourish it. This is the source of our life. If we can maintain our relationship in a perfect way then life will automatically acts peacefully and blissfully.

Friday, May 18, 2012

8 Best Ways to Make Money

‘How to make money’ is the million Dollar question. We are always looking for ways to earn money in a best possible manner. There are plenty of traditions through which we can earn money, but you need to be selective and need to be wise and think hundred times before you select it for you. It should be perfectly matched for you so that you can effortlessly earn and never-ever feel the tiredness in doing this job rather you always enthusiast and devoted for it.    

I am here discussing some easy and most popular money making policies for you. 

    1.    PPC : PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. This method is the easy and effortless ways to earn money. It is an internet advertising which is motivated by the traffic to the website. Here advertiser pays specific amount on the basis of advertise clicked by the viewers. 

2. Placement Agent: Doing business like job placement agency is very much profitable these days. ‘Searching job’ is the demanding key words over the world.  People are looking for job and these agencies placed them as per their skills and qualifications they have. Instead of that they charge few bucks from that person. This placement agency has already created forum where job seekers and the recruiters can interact with each other. This is definitely effortless way to earn money.

3. Email marketing: This is the most lucrative way to earn money. You have needed nothing for that but a good mailing list. It is like a money machine if you can smartly use it. You need to find an offer and sell your email list as per the requirement.

4. Earning from Blogs: Writing blog is the most profitable profession ever made. Although it is quite time consuming but if you have the patience and passion for it then you will definitely get good earnings for life. 

   5. Online Survey: One of the most attractive ways of earning is online survey. Even people can earn hefty through this online survey. You will have to answer the questions you have asked in a survey. If you can honestly attain all these questions, then you will definitely earn something heavy. 

6. Sale Online – yours/someone’s Product: Nowadays it is really very easy to earn money by selling your own product. Through internet one can instantly sell product they have produced or the other product they have the authority to sell and earn straight away. What you have to do you just have to buy PLR (Private Label Rights) which will give the authority that you are the owner of this product. And then you can sell it through ebay website. is the free shopping website through which you can sell or buy product you want.

7. Direct Banner: Income from banner is the most easy and assured way of huge earning from the internet world. This is one of the popular, zero risk bearing income from internet.

8. Freelance Work:  One can earn huge by doing freelancing job. One can even fulfill their dreams like buying a new home, car and maintain high standard of living by doing freelancing job. You need to be passionate for it, you need to be devoted and you should be a self motivated person if you want to be fitted for this profession.

10 Best Blogs That pays You Most

Writing is the best and the most honorable way to earn. A writer can understand how much worthwhile the resources he/she has created for life. And nothing would be better than that if his/her writing is well paid.

Nowadays we are very much gifted by the internet world and few websites which pay you hefty in terms of your writings. Actually they can evaluate the essence of writings.

I am here talking about the most 10 blog sites which pay you most.  

1. is the most popular blog site hosted by Google. It is free to register and you just have the gmail account to operate this blog site. One can earn out of expectation from this blog site.

2. This is the most popular blog site which pays the blogger heavily. It is free to registration. You just have the Paypal account and the passion for writing. Even it pays 100% of any royalty you have owned.

3. This website is uniquely pays the writer. Sponsored Reviews actually is an article for the advertiser. You just have to review their products and post the review into your blogs. And you will be paid as per the traffic in your website.

5. FreelanceSwitch is another high paid website which pays the writer heavily. Your writing should be original, unique and unpublished. They even assist the blogger to be perfect for their writings. So it is really easy to earn as you wish.

6.  This is the page where people do willing to share their thoughts, their memories, their ideas and instead of that these content owner is paid ad viewed in adsense, Amazon, E-bay, Kontera etc.
 : This blog site is one of the best site for freelancers. Ontext pays $40 per post they have accepted. So hurry and post your creativity.

8. has created ample opportunity for new blogger who can earn extra few bucks from this website. You just have to register in this site mentioning your URL and the particular blog page you want to provide for posting their Ad and in terms of that you can earn . It is free of cost. Along with that you should have the Paypal account.

9. is the online publishing company which pays for the original content one published in their blogs. They promise to pay 50% of the revenue generated from the ad published.

10. is a renown site which pays the blogger 70% of the revenue generated from the Ad. Bloggers have been greatly motivated by this money generated website.

Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Most Notorious ways of Earning Money

7 Most Notorious ways of Earning:

In most of the time intentionally or unintentionally people tend to cross the line and expand their business which are criminal offenses and could be heavy penalized for it.  

1. Wild Life Trading: Although illegal but one of the most profitable business around the world. One can earn huge amount of money and could be rich easily and effortlessly. But you will have to pay heavy penalty if you have been caught. 

2. Software piracy: Software piracy is the easiest and lucrative way to earn quick profit but it is illegal.  The side effect of this business is quite devastating and for that many companies loses lacks of money.

3. Internet Pornography: Because of its huge demand in the international market the money transaction of this business is huge. Due to the social stigma and prohibition people tend to move away from this business.According to the survey it is found that every second $3,125.75 is being spent on pornography. Every second 31,162 internet users are viewing pornography. In respect of its revenue, it generates quite huge profit even more than the combined earning of  Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Apple.

4. Prostitution: Prostitution is considered illegal for some places and it is strictly prohibited in our social life but the earning money is quite eye popping. 
Although sex is an unique commodity to sale and it fluctuates abnormally. Even it is found that high paid sex worker earned $5,500 an hour.

  5. Gambling: Gambling is one of the fastest ways of earning money. One can earn millions of rupees from it but most of the cases people is being guided wrongly and their money and money equivalent assets are being robbed. This game 


6. Earning from selling Human Organ: Selling or dealing with human organ is the most notorious way of earnings.All most all the counties over the world banned this business. Kidney is the most common human organ traffickers use to purchase. Even traffickers offered $100000 for per kidney.  

7. Income from Antiques selling: Although illegal but antiques selling is one of the most profitable businesses all over the world.  Some invaluable antiques which have some real historical value are the government property of that country.  And invariably these kind of worthwhile materials are sold illegally and in return traders are getting heavy amount.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are you ready to tall few inches?

So are really interested to tally few inches? Or Are you really passionate to enhance your height?
Yes I am talking about the miracle with you! And it could be possible only if you are ardently interested about it. You should have the passion for it. You should have the unlimited thirst for it.

So how will you increase your height?

 Here I am talking about the most unique ways to increase height.

·         This cobra posture is the most effective pose which can helps you to increase height.  This posture is mostly effective in the early morning, just after bed. Through this exercise, Your body will produce growth hormone which helps you to grow taller at any age.

      This is the most safe and effective yoga posture in respect of boosting your height. This yoga posture is safe and it could be adopted easily and effortlessly if you do it regularly.  This yoga posture is called Padahastasana.  It is mostly beneficial for stiffness of spine.  

      Flying posture like a bird: This posture works on your back specially on your spine, hip joint.  If you do this posture regularly then you will definitely get a good posture as well you can acquire few inches.

      Inversion table is good for your height. It works on your whole body. There is no any side effect. You just have the profound knowledge how to use inversion table in a most effective way. It is very important to know how to exercise with Inversion Table. 

       Hanging is one of the best exercises which you can add on your daily routine.  Gravity is responsible for your growth. And in our daily routine, our backbone affected mostly. In fact hanging greatly affects on your height. One can raise height by just doing hanging exercise.

·        Chakrasana or Wheel pose asana is highly effective exercise to enhance height.  Chakrasana strengthens your vertebral column and help you to acquire height.   

    This Indian push-up is highly effective for enhancing height. You just need to follow the vide where you can find that how this exercise can affect.

·         Dhanurasana is one of the best and safe posture for anybody.  This Yoga asana is good for spine. 

·         Lie on your chest. Now try to lift your right leg and the left hand simultaneously, keep it for 10 seconds, then come to the previous position. Now try to lift the opposite. This exercise actually works on your lower back. This kind of stretching can improve your spine and helps you to obtain few inches.

        Without wasting your time just begin your exercise and live happy life.