Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are you ready to tall few inches?

So are really interested to tally few inches? Or Are you really passionate to enhance your height?
Yes I am talking about the miracle with you! And it could be possible only if you are ardently interested about it. You should have the passion for it. You should have the unlimited thirst for it.

So how will you increase your height?

 Here I am talking about the most unique ways to increase height.

·         This cobra posture is the most effective pose which can helps you to increase height.  This posture is mostly effective in the early morning, just after bed. Through this exercise, Your body will produce growth hormone which helps you to grow taller at any age.

      This is the most safe and effective yoga posture in respect of boosting your height. This yoga posture is safe and it could be adopted easily and effortlessly if you do it regularly.  This yoga posture is called Padahastasana.  It is mostly beneficial for stiffness of spine.  

      Flying posture like a bird: This posture works on your back specially on your spine, hip joint.  If you do this posture regularly then you will definitely get a good posture as well you can acquire few inches.

      Inversion table is good for your height. It works on your whole body. There is no any side effect. You just have the profound knowledge how to use inversion table in a most effective way. It is very important to know how to exercise with Inversion Table. 

       Hanging is one of the best exercises which you can add on your daily routine.  Gravity is responsible for your growth. And in our daily routine, our backbone affected mostly. In fact hanging greatly affects on your height. One can raise height by just doing hanging exercise.

·        Chakrasana or Wheel pose asana is highly effective exercise to enhance height.  Chakrasana strengthens your vertebral column and help you to acquire height.   

    This Indian push-up is highly effective for enhancing height. You just need to follow the vide where you can find that how this exercise can affect.

·         Dhanurasana is one of the best and safe posture for anybody.  This Yoga asana is good for spine. 

·         Lie on your chest. Now try to lift your right leg and the left hand simultaneously, keep it for 10 seconds, then come to the previous position. Now try to lift the opposite. This exercise actually works on your lower back. This kind of stretching can improve your spine and helps you to obtain few inches.

        Without wasting your time just begin your exercise and live happy life.

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