Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Most Notorious ways of Earning Money

7 Most Notorious ways of Earning:

In most of the time intentionally or unintentionally people tend to cross the line and expand their business which are criminal offenses and could be heavy penalized for it.  

1. Wild Life Trading: Although illegal but one of the most profitable business around the world. One can earn huge amount of money and could be rich easily and effortlessly. But you will have to pay heavy penalty if you have been caught. 

2. Software piracy: Software piracy is the easiest and lucrative way to earn quick profit but it is illegal.  The side effect of this business is quite devastating and for that many companies loses lacks of money.

3. Internet Pornography: Because of its huge demand in the international market the money transaction of this business is huge. Due to the social stigma and prohibition people tend to move away from this business.According to the survey it is found that every second $3,125.75 is being spent on pornography. Every second 31,162 internet users are viewing pornography. In respect of its revenue, it generates quite huge profit even more than the combined earning of  Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Apple.

4. Prostitution: Prostitution is considered illegal for some places and it is strictly prohibited in our social life but the earning money is quite eye popping. 
Although sex is an unique commodity to sale and it fluctuates abnormally. Even it is found that high paid sex worker earned $5,500 an hour.

  5. Gambling: Gambling is one of the fastest ways of earning money. One can earn millions of rupees from it but most of the cases people is being guided wrongly and their money and money equivalent assets are being robbed. This game 


6. Earning from selling Human Organ: Selling or dealing with human organ is the most notorious way of earnings.All most all the counties over the world banned this business. Kidney is the most common human organ traffickers use to purchase. Even traffickers offered $100000 for per kidney.  

7. Income from Antiques selling: Although illegal but antiques selling is one of the most profitable businesses all over the world.  Some invaluable antiques which have some real historical value are the government property of that country.  And invariably these kind of worthwhile materials are sold illegally and in return traders are getting heavy amount.

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