Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Best Blogs That pays You Most

Writing is the best and the most honorable way to earn. A writer can understand how much worthwhile the resources he/she has created for life. And nothing would be better than that if his/her writing is well paid.

Nowadays we are very much gifted by the internet world and few websites which pay you hefty in terms of your writings. Actually they can evaluate the essence of writings.

I am here talking about the most 10 blog sites which pay you most.  

1. is the most popular blog site hosted by Google. It is free to register and you just have the gmail account to operate this blog site. One can earn out of expectation from this blog site.

2. This is the most popular blog site which pays the blogger heavily. It is free to registration. You just have the Paypal account and the passion for writing. Even it pays 100% of any royalty you have owned.

3. This website is uniquely pays the writer. Sponsored Reviews actually is an article for the advertiser. You just have to review their products and post the review into your blogs. And you will be paid as per the traffic in your website.

5. FreelanceSwitch is another high paid website which pays the writer heavily. Your writing should be original, unique and unpublished. They even assist the blogger to be perfect for their writings. So it is really easy to earn as you wish.

6.  This is the page where people do willing to share their thoughts, their memories, their ideas and instead of that these content owner is paid ad viewed in adsense, Amazon, E-bay, Kontera etc.
 : This blog site is one of the best site for freelancers. Ontext pays $40 per post they have accepted. So hurry and post your creativity.

8. has created ample opportunity for new blogger who can earn extra few bucks from this website. You just have to register in this site mentioning your URL and the particular blog page you want to provide for posting their Ad and in terms of that you can earn . It is free of cost. Along with that you should have the Paypal account.

9. is the online publishing company which pays for the original content one published in their blogs. They promise to pay 50% of the revenue generated from the ad published.

10. is a renown site which pays the blogger 70% of the revenue generated from the Ad. Bloggers have been greatly motivated by this money generated website.

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