Friday, July 6, 2012

Nothing Beyond Relationship

From the very beginning of our LIFE, we survive and continue to live life only because of relationship. Relationship is the great way to make our life more experienced, more enlightened, more valuable than anything else. It would be better to say that nobody can live life without maintaining relationship.

Actually life cannot be meaningful without relationship. Even it is seen that, most of the time relationship enhances the value of life, it shapes and usually it moulds life with the situation. In our daily life we use to meet people every day-n-night and knowingly or unknowingly we make an association with them.
A good relationship lives a higher impression. We love to memories them and it also helps to improve our mental and physical setup. This is called loving relationship. In this relationship the loved one is liberated from any bindings.
Sometimes we are engaged with some wrong relationship. It may be come from the foes who are in disguise. And we are unable to recognize their true identity. Even bad relations may explode from bad habits like drinking or smoking or some kind of addictions which would be severe for its excessive usage. Despite of our knowledge that these things are harmful we cannot easily detach with these bad elements.
The core meaning of life is based upon relationship and no one can run away from having associated with this. Those who are living alone, far from the society, he or she definitely has fully fledged with something or with somebody. It may be the nature or with some life exists there or with some spiritual life. This is some kind of relationship.
Relationship acts reciprocally. It is like a barter system, but in a very big sense. No one can expect admiration from others without paying respect; no one can expect gratitude without paying gratitude.
The Relationship builds upon the sense and the sensibility. It makes us mature, it tends to grasp life in better way, it teaches us how to tolerate the intolerable, how to control the unmanageable thing like emotions, greed, anger etc., how to love people selflessly, how to show respect, gratitude and how to be honest without expecting anything in return. These are such worthwhile thing which can't be purchased or sold. These are the essence of relationship.
So try to sustain it, try to nourish it. This is the source of our life. If we can maintain our relationship in a perfect way then life will automatically acts peacefully and blissfully.

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