Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Speak-what your heart wants to speak:

What we speak, generally very much formal, very much reserved in nature.  This is not what our heart wants to talk at all.  We just camouflage our natural behavior. We scare if people become aware of this and laugh at us or we will lose our power etc. etc. This is very common problem.  But it could be severe if we are used to it for a long.  
Few things we need to know. Speaking is one of the most authoritative things which we have earned from the grace of our almighty. We need to enhance how to employ our own language.

Few things I am sharing here under:

It could be affected our personal life. For instance, suppose we got a job, a suitable job. In an interview, common question had been asked how much salary expected, (this is a very common question, isn’t it?). If we don’t speak what our heart wants and compromise with that situation then we could be in great trouble.  Speak - what your heart wants. 

Nothing could be silly than your inability to speak the thing you like to converse.  I have the opportunity to meet a social activist. He always speak against the corruption, I never find him to compromise with anything. I asked him once that why he does such a thing. Doesn't he frighten the ill people in our society?  He laughed at me and told, “Initially I love to do this, this is what I do well, I don’t bother who says what. I don’t want to be mechanical. I do what suits me.  We, the people lost how to protest. It and gradually we lost our self identity.”

What actually happens if we do not speak the unspeakable, which we have accumulated day by day? We have lost our character of speaking. We have lost our style of speaking. Not only that, we could have suffered a lots of ailment – mentally as well as physically.

It is your life. And you have every right to lead life as you want. The inner voice is always right if you have the urge to articulate it.

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